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Friday, March 12, 2010

IIS6 and Apache syscall graph

SanaSecurity created these two graphics: 

1.Apache syscall graph

Bigger Vesrion

2.IIS6 syscal graph

Bigger version

What’s this? You may ask…it’s an API dependency graph of the current Apache webserver and the current IIS webserver. 

As some people try to interpret those graphics to the favor of their loved one. I cannot see anything discussable about these graphics, so I leave it to you to just enjoy them as they look quite nice  


Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Apple computer

This is the picture of first apple computer.This is now kept in a museum in america.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top 10 Steps to Beautiful Shell Scripts

Linux gurus don’t use cut, awk, and sed when they want to replace or strip out a portion if a variable. They use parameter substitution. You can learn parameter substitution in less than 2 minutes. Here is the ten things you need to know:

  1. Shell variables can be specified like $var or this ${var}.
    $ var=',fssd2342%asd234#@.,&%,sdfgsdfgas4352'
    echo ${var},fssd2342%asd234#@.,&%,sdfgsdfgas4352
  2. ${#var} is the length of the variable.
    $ echo ${#var}
  3. ${var:pos} substrings the variable starting at pos.
    $ echo ${var:10}
  4. ${var:pos:len} substrings the variable starting at pos with a max length of len.
    $ echo ${var:10:5}
  5. ${var#pattern} strips pattern from the front or left hand side of the variable. This form is not greedy meaning it stops as soon as the pattern is matched. ${var##pattern} is the greedy form.
    $ echo ${var#*,}
    $ echo ${var##*,}
  6. ${var%pattern} strips pattern from the back or right hand side of the variable. This form is not greedy meaning it stops as soon as the pattern is matched. ${var%%pattern} is the greedy form.
    $ echo ${var%,*},fssd2342%asd234#@.,&%
    $ echo ${var%%,*}
  7. ${var/pattern/replacement} replaces pattern with replacement once.
    $ echo ${var/a/A},fssd2342%asd234#@.,&%,sdfgsdfgas4352
  8. ${var//pattern/replacement} replaces pattern with replacement globally.
    $ echo ${var//a/A}
  9. ${var/#pattern/replacement} if variable beginning matches the pattern it is replaced with replacement.
    $ echo ${var/#a./llll}
  10. ${var/%pattern/replacement} if variable end matches the pattern it is replaced with replacement.
    $ echo ${var/%352/llll},fssd2342%asd234#@.,&%,sdfgsdfgas4llll

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

EVE Online Available to Linux Users

CCP, one of the world’s largest independent game developers, and TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), a leading developer of software portability products for the electronic entertainment industry, today announced the availability of EVE Online, a leading massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), on the Macintosh and Linux platforms. With this release, EVE Online is now available on the most widely used operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
CCP and TransGamingcollaborated to develop the Mac and Linux versions of EVE Online to allow users across platforms to play within the same perpetual online universe, enabling large-scale battles with thousands of players. Seamless integration ofEVE Online’s original code for Microsoft Windows with Cider, for the Mac, and Cedega, for Linux, preserves the high quality of the game’s performance on the new platforms. These engines allow the original code base to run on Mac and Linux and therefore deliver equivalent game play, as well as ensure that the game evolves congruently on all three platforms without delays.
“The explosive growth of EVE Online since its launch coupled with the strong demand from the Mac and Linux communities has encouraged us to make the game available on new platforms,” said Thor Gunnarsson, Vice President of Business Development of CCP. “Together with TransGaming, we have now achieved an important milestone in our drive to make the EVE universe pervasive and available to anyone who wishes to play.”
“The availability of EVE Online to the Mac and Linux communities extends the game to rapidly growing new communities who have been enthusiastically demanding the game on their platforms of choice,” said Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming Technologies. “We are very pleased to see the efforts of our partnership come to fruition with the release of EVE Online for the Mac and Linux platforms.”
A free, 14-day trial for EVE Online is available for download at For full details of the CCP and TransGamingpartnership, please visit

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Parental Controls Limit Xbox Time

As part of a new marketing blitz to promote the Xbox 360 as a "family friendly" video game console, Microsoft on Wednesday rolled out a new feature called Family Timer, which will show up in the Family Settings Screen.

The Timer will let parents limit the number of hours their kids can play the Xbox on a daily or weekly basis. When the time limit is reached, the console will automatically shut off, ostensibly after saving the game.

Microsoft says that more than 90 percent of parents placed restrictions on gaming, and over half the parents surveyed said they would use a timer if it was available. In conjunction with the new feature, the Redmond company is joining with the National PTA to encourage parents to talk with their kids about "screen time."

"The campaign is designed to educate parents on the tools and resources available that can help them manage their family's media use," explained Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division. "The main program was a 20-city bus tour where we visited with parents and showed them how to use the controls on the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista, and with kids showing them that there are fun games for all ages."

The Family Timer feature is already found in Windows Vista in order to limit the time kids can spend in front of the computer. The previously available parental controls in the Xbox 360 largely revolved around which time of games were allowed to be played based on rating.

Apple's "Time Machine" Now For Linux...

Apple's Time Machine is a great feature in their OS, and Linux has almost all of the required technology already built in to recreate it. This is a simple GUI to make it easy to use.
"Apple's 'Time Machine' is cool, but I use Linux, not MacOSX. So here is a Linux implementation (built off of rsync, of course). No fancy OpenGL, but quite functional none-the-less."